Saturday, June 25, 2016

California LOVE

We made it from Guaymas, Mexico to San Diego, CA in a short 15 hours. Not but 4 hours into the trip and the girls were griping about not being able to freely move around,  complaining that their backs hurt from having to sit in one place and the general "sucky-ness" of travel by way of automobile.

Whoa, we're not in Mexico anymore! While we appreciate the smooth paved roads we had forgotten that everyone drives like a bat out of hell, you can't go anywhere for anything and not spend $100 USD and the people here are well, large. Most people would assume that Mexicans are larger people as their diets consist of  lots of beans and rice and let me tell you...when it comes to larger sized humans, Americans take the cake.....then eat the entire cake, and probably ask for seconds. 

It's been a fun-filled 9 days of reuniting with great friends, hanging out with my brother and meeting his girlfriend, celebrating my Grandmother's 95 birthday (yes, 95!), playing at the beach and a trip to the Wild Animal Park. 

When asking the girls if they wanted to go to the beach we discovered the first drawback to boat kid life.  "The water is going to be too cold".  "The beach will be so crowded".  Spoiled rotten kids!

Tomorrow we start the trip across the good Ole US of A, with a few stops along the way. Charleston, here we come!
Driving through the Imperial Dunes towards San Diego

Who doesn't love playing "cards" with their Great Grandmother?

America and their signs....there are no warning signs in is at your own risk 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Off for a Southern Summer

Today we start the hellacious task of putting Terrapin 'to bed'. I've yet to find a cruiser who doesn't agree, this is the crap part of cruising. It's the equivalent of  boxing up, cleaning and moving a 3000 foot home...usually to another home, for us, Terrapin is our home. So now what?

Our daughter's response to being asked, "What would you like to do this summer"? was a unanimous, "See our cousins in South Carolina!!!"  Phil's entire family is from Charleston, South Carolina about 3000 miles away from where we lived as a family in San Diego.  

Nine out of a dozen cousins were all born within 5 years of each other...all living in the South. Until moving aboard Terrapin, our girls had spent many summers flying unaccompanied across the States to visit Phil's family for a few weeks, giving them (kids and grandparents) quality time together and giving Phil and I a taste of kidless freedom...I assure you, we didn't waste one second.

Later this week, we'll be crossing the border, back to the States, a place we haven't been to in over 18 months. Why does this year have to be the year that circus clowns are running for President, everyone wanting to talk about politics?

While the girls get lost in running amok with their cousins, fishing the creeks, and enjoying shrimp and grits,  Phil and I will be filling the cruising kitty. We'll be reunited with Terrapin later this year, at a time that's much cooler and boat projects can be done without heat stroke. We still have no idea exactly where we're headed next season, we would like to sail away from Mexico.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cost to Cruise May 2016

The northern Sea of Cortez is nothing short of amazing. The Sea life up here is magnificent...manta rays 6 feet wide, fin whales, sea lions galore,  huge pods of dolphins and our girls favorite, guitar fish. We our so happy to have had another trip into the Sea of Cortez, yet sad we only have one week left of sailing before tucking the boat into bed for hurricane season. This will be our last 'Cost to Cruise' till we come back for another season in the Fall.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sailing the northern Sea of Cortez....what a change

We made it to the northern Sea of Cortez and wow what a difference 80 miles makes. Sailing north from Santa Rosalia things drastically  changed. We found ourselves in feast or fathom winds blowing in between 35 knots and nothing, water that turned emerald green, and surrounded by fin whales. By the time we had arrived in San Francisquito I felt sick.....sick from staring through binoculars for hours watching the enormous amount of whales! From the boat it looked like we were surrounded by smoke stacks from all the whale spouts. Completely amazing. The only vision that was less than amazing was the Sea water temperature gage.

Holy crap! Check this out..

What is it? More whales?

I wish! For every hour we've sailed the temp has dropped a degree. It's hardly 70 degrees 

Not sure why we were surprised the water temp had dropped so much, we've been sailing in fleece for the past week, a far cry from a year ago when we were sweating our butts off running from a hurricane. 

A common sight in the northern Sea is white objects, that appear to be rocks or old fenders and actually it's washed up whale bones....and they're everywhere .

Searching for the perfect momento in a pile of whale bones

Yes, we're sailing with whale bones.