Sunday, July 27, 2014

Drooling on deck

This weekend it was time to hoist the sails and catch some wind! Saturday morning started out with flashbacks.  Last time I saw Phil cleaning a boat it was 1999 and we lived in Charleston, SC. Gone are the days when you think you've struck it rich because your boyfriend gets paid a whole $13 per hour to clean boats.  Our plans included taking the girls on a sail through San Diego bay with a stop to watch the symphony via boat Saturday and whale watching on Sunday.

Anchored to let the girls swim. The water is very warm....73 degrees.

Made the girls their favorite diner, stuffed salmon. 

The symphony plays off of downtown and right on the water. It was really neat to pull up and hear them play. This week the symphony was playing while Star Trek was playing on large screens since ComicCon is in town. With binoculars, the girls were able to see the movie and we could clearly hear the music.

These two... with the best seats in the house, eating stuffed salmon in their PJ's. Life's rough.

Sunday we had to wait for lightning and thunder storms to subside before heading out to whale watch. Lightning and Thunder. In San Diego. Crazy!!

So how many whales did we see? Not one. Not two. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. After watching whales pass by just last week while visiting with friends from Colorado, we thought without doubt there would be some today. Or not.  With the lack of whales we decided to troll for anything biting.  We caught as many fish today as we saw whales.

No whales, no problem. It was a gorgeous day to sail! The girls had a blast. If you consider that they both passed out and drooled on themselves and the deck fun.  Emma went face down in a blanket for a sold 90 minutes.

   Not to be outdone by her older sister who fell asleep face down straight on the deck.       

Literally drooling on the deck!                  

Murphy came out for a quick wind in the whiskers before heading back down. He's doing fairly well as a "sea cat". He pretty much hides on our bed till the sail is over.

The highlight of my day was to sail right in front of our old family beach house. As a little kid I'd look out in the ocean and see the different sail boats go by and think how beautiful they looked. It was such a treat to see Mission Beach from the other side.

Although terribly blurry (we were a mile and a half off shore when I took this) I was able to get a picture of our old house. Farthest house on left with the giant palm tree in front.

It struck me as odd to view people parasailing from the ocean instead of the beach side.

A great weekend and fun was had by all, even if we had to scrub a little drool off the deck.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The cabins have been redone.

Our girls came home last night after 3 weeks with family in South Carolina!!

 This was their 4th summer flying solo across the country and the first time we all burst into tears after being reunited. Something about this summer had us all missing each other badly. While they were gone one of the many projects we had was to work on remodeling their cabins. Before they left, neither felt very comfortable in their cabin, as to them it was still someone else's cabin. Nothing some paint, fabric and decorating ideas couldn't fix.  Now, they're both loving their new cabins!

Emma's port side cabin...before and after.


I used fabric to sew colorful cubby curtains. The curtains will keep everything in place while under passage and help add some color to their rooms.
With thin elastic cord, their goodies are still accessible. 

I made hammocks for their stuffed animals...they need to relax in style too.

An easy way to add some style is with vinyl stickers.  There's no real commitment, if you don't like the sticker simply peel off and throw away.  Vinyl stickers also allow you to move the sticker if you decide you either didn't put it on "right" or you want the sticker somewhere else.                                                                                                                          

      In lieu of a closet, Emma's cabin has very tall cabinets under her bed providing lots of storage. It's kinda funny that the shortest person ended up with a bed that practically requires a ladder.


How cool is this? My mom had Oriental fabric from covering a sofa over 30 years ago. I used the same fabric to cover the hatch in Emma's cabin to prevent light from waking her in the morning. 

Jessica's starboard side cabin before and after.

The girls picked out what colors they wanted painted before they left.

I couldn't resist the cheesy "porthole"stickers....this is Flora, Jessica's seal.

Jessica received her mermaid picture from grandma and grandpa almost 10 years when they visited Hawaii. She's happy to give it a place in her cabin.


 Jessica's vinyl sea turtle.

Happiness is hanging out with your sister playing games on a Kindle.

Reusing a sign that hung by our pool at our hold house. It's now in the girls head.

Master cabin before and after.

Being a 36 year old boat, she's got lots of beautiful wood. Not all the wood in our master cabin was original nor beautiful. Feeling that we needed some color of our own, I painted the back walls using the same blue as I used in the girls cabins. I made porthole covers that easily flip up when opening the port to allow airflow. 


One of my favorite stickers is definitely the octopus coming out of the master cabin.

None of the remodeling would have happened without Murphy. He was in the way, every step of the way!

Up next....finishing the outside of the boat. We've made some solid progress by removing fiberglass and the hideous dragons that were on the bow. We're also finishing up the settee in the salon and the cockpit cushions. As soon as the projects are done we'll post pictures.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sailing with PRIDE

For our last kidless weekend we ventured to San Diego Pride with friends and watched the parade. What a fun time! Numerous people were in attendance, from politicians, corporate sponsors, civil servants to people just interested having a great time. After a few hours of parade watching we left for an afternoon San Diego harbor cruise followed by a trip to the Bali Hai restaurant via boat. Fantastic weekend for sure.




Ever fly in or out of San Diego? It's a scary ride for everyone. Sometimes you can look up and swear that you could touch the planes overhead. 

Nancefact: Jessica and Emma attended their first Pride Parade 2 years ago in Washington DC by accident. Having walked out of a museum with grandparents they found themselves in the middle of the parade.  Keeping up with our girls, we had to go and see what all the fun was about.