Nance Academy


We are boat schooling with the help of Calvert...(we've decided to come up with our own curriculum). Rather than pay for "school in a box" where for a large fee you can have textbooks, workbooks and reading books show up at your door, we're picking out our own books and workbooks. Why should our girls be studying about ancient Rome when they'll be living in Central America for months on end? Considering we're passing though the Panama Canal, why not learn about it's history? School hours will be loose but will encompass 15 hours of school Sunday- Saturday with plenty of field trips. 

Both Phil and Aimee are responsible for teaching all subject areas, with a specific focus on science, social studies and geography. In addition to "regular" school learning each of the girls will be required to keep a daily journal. The hopes are that in years to come they will have a perfect diary to share with their own families of this awesome adventure. It would be a nice treasure to recall exactly what they were doing at the same day "20 years ago". 

Obviously, a lot of our time will also be spent learning how to sail a boat, reading of nautical charts and navigation.  

The girls have their own blog.

Here is  a typical day in the life of boatschooling for us.

Here's a list of fantastic resources if you're looking for ready to go curriculum or looking to build your own.

Wondering what we did to create our daughters curriculum for the next few years? Click here.