It is often said that the cheapest form of insurance for a sailboat is an awesome anchor. We were looking for both a peace of mind and the best anchor on the market which is why we choose to work with Mantus Anchors. We no longer worry about not being able to set our anchor on the first try or dragging anchor at night. With our 85 pound Mantus Anchor we set  anchor with authority and sleep well!

We are thrilled to be working with Coolibar! They are truly the leader in sun protective clothing for the entire family. Don't be fooled, you don't need to own and boat and set sail to need sun protective gear. Coolibar offers an array of protective clothing, from hats, gloves, swimwear, sunglasses and much more. Expect to see us wear our Coolibar gear the entire trip! Head over to their website and find something for yourself.

Who's working with one of the coolest shops in the heart of San Francisco's, Haight Ashbury district? We are!! Jammin on Haight has provided us with custom made tie dyed flags featuring our very own boat logo. If you're looking for fun funky clothes or awesome tapestries please check out our friends and fellow Dead Heads at Jammin on Haight.  Have your own design or logo you want printed?  No worries, our friends at Jammin on Haight can create anything you can imagine. Check out their custom shop located on their website. 

Our fantastic friends over at Invisible Mask were more than willing to help with new boat logos (anything to rid our boat of the hideous dragons)  and a new boat name. Using top of line 3M products, Invisible Mask can offer protection from dirt, scratches, road salt, sand, etc. to any automobile.  If you're looking for an inexpensive way to protect your ride with a quality product look no further than Invisible Mask. 

Huge thanks to La Jolla Kayak rentals for our kayak sponsorship! Preparing to set sail with kids who want all the fun toys means thinking differently on our approach for sponsorship.  We wanted two tandem ocean kayaks as a way to explore new areas and see exciting areas we couldn't approach with our boat.  Timing is everything when approaching rental shops for old inventory. Waiting till after the summer season we approached La Jolla Kayak rentals and we're delighted when they offered us two tandem ocean kayaks at for a smoking deal, savings us hundreds!  Maybe you're not wanting to own any kayaks but wanting to explore beautiful Southern California in a unique way check out La Jolla Kayak rentals.

Peace is restored aboard SV Terrapin thanks to YogaRat! Thanks to their sponsorship our family of four will be able to practice yoga on their new mats. As an added bonus we received many of their yoga microfiber towels. These towels are super lightweight, very absorbent and the best part, fast drying perfect for a sailing family. Heck, these towels would be perfect for any family. These are some of the softest towels on the market. A fun company from So Cal, YogaRat prides themselves on providing quality products while using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.  Looking to score some of your own YogaRat products? Cruise on over to their website and click the "freebies tab", you can thank us later.

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  1. Greetings Sailing Nances, I have been refitting my Dufour 12000ct and have many spares and parts that have been replaced with my idea of efficiency. I have several parts that are surplus. I would be happy to donate any or all of the components to the Nance advance upon the sea. Just contact me at Dohertymarine@aol.com